Meet up, connect, and enjoy a drink on us! 

We're excited to bring back our popular coffee meet-up offer this July! Whether you're catching up over a coffee or enjoying a cool drink in the summer sun, WTSL is happy to pick up the bill. 

Here’s how it works: 

Plan Your Meet-Up: Pick a date and time in July to meet with a fellow WTSL member. 

Enjoy Your Drink: Head to your favorite café or spot (or meet up virtually!) and enjoy your coffee or cool drink. 

Share Your Experience: We’d love to hear about your meet-up! Share your experience with us on social media or via email. Snap a picture, tell us a story, or just let us know how it went. 

To participate, just let us know your plans on WhatsApp – contact us if you’d like to join our WhatsApp group.  

It’s a perfect way to take a break, catch up with someone you already know, or make new connections! 

We can't wait to see your photos and stories! Enjoy your July meet-ups!