Due to the current circumstances, there are a great many people who are unable to leave their homes to collect prescriptions. They may be elderly, sick or otherwise vulnerable and need to shield themselves. We have been told that queues for the pharmacy in person can be many hours long. Clearly, lots of people are not able to stand for this length of time.

So Children’s Links have come to the rescue! Working alongside local organisations, a crisis line, pharmacists, a team of willing volunteers and the Town Council, our team are helping to co-ordinate a prescriptions delivery scheme in and around Horncastle, so that people can receive their prescriptions to their front doors – no queues and no prolonged exposure to the outside world necessary!

The scheme runs six days a week and since we became involved, we have answered almost 600 calls and emails, and facilitated the delivery of approximately 730 prescriptions. We currently have almost 400 individuals registered to use the service.

The people we have spoken to have been immensely grateful as dwindling medical supplies were high on many people’s list of concerns whilst they are having to stay at home.

We are delighted to be able to help out with this very worthwhile scheme.

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