At Children's Links we understand that children have a natural inclination to play .... We sign up to Play England’s Charter for Children’s Play that describes play as “what children and young people do when they follow their own ideas and interests, in their own way and for their own reasons”.

Play is at the heart of Children’s Links ethos and underpins our values and services. We use play to underpin our delivery in all areas of our work from training to consultation and direct delivery.

Play Rangers

At Children’s Links we promote positive play experiences by using our specialist play staff to deliver exciting sessions that provide stimulating play opportunities. We also provide training for families and professionals. 

Our Play Team work closely with local communities to promote and encourage play, both through regular sessions after school or during school holidays and with one off community events.

"I don't normally play out with my children but it was fun to watch and join in with the play people. The kids had a great time and we hope they come next summer"

Parent of a child in Sleaford

Mobile Toy Library

Our Toy Library  allows children to enjoy soft and sensory play in a safe environment and has over 900 toys that can be hired by members. We use these toys to deliver fun and exciting Early Years play out and about in communities.

Scunthorpe Play Scheme

We have provided many successful play schemes over the years for children with complex needs. We have been commissioned by North Lincolnshire Council to manage and run this specialised service to find out more about the scheme please Read more

If you would like to commission this specialist service please Contact Us