Our favourite ideas for autumn

IDEA 1. Time capsule....

Make your own capsule with a kitchen roll tube or crisp tube, decorate in your own funky style using paint, collage, pens or glitter.

Go on a hunt around the house, garden and park to look for treasures to fill the tube,  shells, pebbles, feathers.... 

Include a note from the child/ren saying their age, the date, anything at all that is important to them.

Then you can save it as a keepsake for your family or post it to a family member, we are sure they'll treasue the box of memories!

IDEA 2. Dining room den...

Building dens is great for children to develop their learning. It will help with their creative thinking, exploration and planning skills. The possibilities are endless.... rockets, kitchens, garages, bear caves and so much more all start with the humble den!

Grab a cardboard box, chairs, pillows, old sheets.... Anything goes! Why not see what your child thinks would make a great material for their creation. 

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Watch this space for more fun ideas.