Our favourite idea for summer and early autumn


It is as simple as gathering leaves and tucking them into a waistband to transform the children's outfits into amazing tutu's. What a fun why to encourage your children to explore and talk about their environment and nature.

This is something that children can do with limited help. What makes this even better  - 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable!

SUPER SIMPLE! Monster pops - Easy and super cool! Children will love these ghastly monster pops and they are simple enough for the family to make together!

Marshmallows, lollypop sticks, icing (to stick the bits and bobs on) and hundreds and thousands. Simply pop the marshmallow onto a stick, dip in water icing and sprinkle your favourite treat on... How scary can you make yours look?

Building dens is great for children to develop their learning. It will help with their creative thinking, exploration and planning skills. The possibilities are endless.... rockets, kitchens, garages, bear caves and so much more all start with the humble den!

Grab a cardboard box, chairs, pillows, old sheets.... Anything goes! Why not see what your child thinks would make a great material for their creation. 

It can get too hot for younger children why not cool down and visit our Toy Library in Lincoln?

A brilliant play space that also has over 900 toys for hire for children to enjoy. Specialist equipment to ensure an inclusive playtime environment. Bring your own picnic and eat in our dining area plus

FREE drinks and FREE parking!

We have an excellent book that is full of affordable play and craft ideas to do with you family 

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Watch this space for more fun ideas.