Play is the foundation of confidence and learning

We run many different  services that are working to improve the lives of 97,000 children, young people and their families.

We work with children and families that are hardest to reach and need the extra support to be able to thrive.

We want to ensure that our services are able to families and communities that needs us before children are at risk of isolation, harm, and deprivation. We are experts in providing play and learning opportunities in safe and friendly environments.

We want to ensure that our services are able to help families and communities that needs us. People like Natasha in the video above deserve a second chance and we can enable her whole family to achieve with your donations.

Poverty affects more than one in four children in the UK today. When kids grow up poor they miss out – and so do the rest of us. They miss out on the things most children take for granted: warm clothes, school trips, having friends over for tea. They do less well at school and earn less as adults. Any family can fall on hard times and find it difficult to make ends meet. - Child Poverty Action Group

At Children’s Links we work in partnership with families and other agencies to reduce the impact of  poverty on the lives of children and young people. By supporting Children’s Links you will enable us to reduce the impact of poverty.   

  • £12 could pay for a child under 5 to have a hot lunch for a week. This could be the only meal in a day for some children.

  • £15 could enable a disabled child and their family to access to sensory play provision for a month.

  • £20 could pay for us to facilitate a 1 hour parent drop in session which provides social opportunities, support and sign posting for isolated and vulnerable families.

  • £90 could help us enable 6 children to see their non-resident parent at one of our family friendly contact centres

  • £150 could deliver a play session for 20 young people and their families in rural and deprived areas

We use your donations to help vulnerable children, young people and families have support and play opportunities to live better lives.