We will do whatever it takes to transform the lives of families in the UK.

These are the voices of Children, parents & professionals. They reminds us why it is important to keep doing the work we do.

Having a family member in prison is stressful for anyone and especially children. Strong positive relationships improve outcomes for children and reduce the likelihood of reoffending by prisoners. We work in prisons to try and improve the experience of visiting and to help families maintain positive relationships.

"Today I learnt that my dad makes the best paper planes - I’m so proud” Girl aged 8

"I feel like I can be a proper Dad now" Father of boy aged 5

Many parents separate or divorce every year and more than 100,000 children lose contact with one or both parents. Our Child Contact Centres are a vital service for children all over Lincolnshire. Our dedicated team offer a safe & neutral venue for non-resident parents to have regular contact with their children.

“Without your help I wouldn’t be seeing my children at all” Dad with 2 boys"


In the heart of Lincoln, the Toy Library allows all children to enjoy soft sensory play. With hundreds of toys which can be hired by any of our members. It’s services help families in the most deprived areas, prevent social isolation and encourage children to learn through play.

“Having a friendly face to chat to makes such a difference, everything is less stressful!” Mother of 3 children.

There are lots of ways you can get involved and support us to help vulnerable families, here are a few

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