At Children's Links we believe play is the most important work. Play is essential for the well-being and development children of all ages and children’s right 

Play should be fun but it also has many benefits for children, families and the wider community. 


  • Improves physical and mental health
  • Promotes learning and creativity
  • Develops social skills
  • Increases confidence
  • Encourages problem solving skills

An important element of play is the opportunity to explore and take risks. Children relish things that are exciting, challenging and new. Providing opportunities for them to take risks in play helps them to establish their capabilities and boundaries in a safe environment.

Play England’s ‘Play for a change'  briefing provides more detail about the research and evidence on the benefits of play.

Pupil Poverty:

Children's Links are at the forefront in our community tackling pupil poverty. BBC research shows that an average spend on a child's school uniform is £230 a year.

During the long summer school holidays families are already stretching the household budgets to entertain children and provide basic needs, such as food for the family. Some families dread the 'Back to School' shopping trips due to rising costs.

Children's Links is leading the way in Lincolnshire with a school uniform and equipment bank to end pupil poverty now.

Find out how you can prevent pupil poverty