Harnessing the skills and resources of the sector to improve partnership working and the delivery of services

The Lincolnshire Children and Young People’s Voluntary Sector Forum (CYPVSF) aims to be a positive voice for voluntary sector views across the county. The CYPVSF are always looking to improve the effectiveness of the third sector in Lincolnshire in providing better outcomes for children, young people and their families.

This well established working Forum is open to any voluntary organisations or local community groups working in the sector, including social enterprise, charities, independent and private nurseries and child minders. We also welcome organisations from the Public Sector including representatives from local councils, schools and Health Authority.

The Forum seeks to harness the existing skills, drive and resources within the children and young people’s sector by connecting people to improve partnership working and provide excellence on frontline delivery services for children and young people.

It aims to

  • Be a positive forum for voluntary sector views
  • Provide a platform for effective partnership working
  • Influence and be pro-active in the development of services for children and young people
  • Disseminate and exchange information and views (including training and funding opportunities)
  • Discover opportunities for direct consultation within children and young people’s services
  • Market a positive and professional image of the Voluntary Community Sector

Benefits to organisations include opportunities for networking and information sharing.

To find out more or to become a member of the Voluntary Sector Forum then please Contact us