We believe that positive contact counts -

Every child has a right to enjoy family time with their non-resident parent.

We currently have 9 supported contact centres based in Gainsborough, Grantham, Lincoln, Skegness, Spalding, Nottingham, Peterborough, Retford and Leicester. We also have 4 supervised contact centres based in Lincoln, Nottingham, Peterborough and Leicester.  

Supported child contact centres are suitable for families where no significant risk to the child has been identified but the parents no longer wish to see each other and cannot agree on other arrangements. The contact centre is intended to be a temporary measure to help build confidence and help the family move forward. 

They are run by dedicated teams of staff and volunteers who are impartial and see the children as the most important people in the centre. All our centres have a range of age-appropriate toys, games and activities* and we aim to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

Supervised child contact centres are suitable for families where there may be a risk to the child, where a professional requires a report to determine future arrangements or where contact needs to be observed to ensure a parent can take care of the child's need.  A trained supervisor will observe the contact and provide a contact record/report where specified.  As with our supported centres, staff remain impartial and are child focused.  

Our centres are accredited by the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC) and are independent from the courts, social services or any statutory agency.

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NACCC provide a useful document containing links for professionals, parents and children, please click here to view the document

The judicial protocol was updated in November 2023.  This document is a useful read for anyone going through family courts or working to support families.  It provides information on what to expect from a contact centre and will manage the expectations of what services a centre can deliver.  The most recent document can be found at https://naccc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/Judicial-protocol-November-2023.pdf

In their own words

"I want to extend my continued thanks to you all at the centre who have assisted in getting myself back in touch with M but further than this have shown a very human touch in doing so."