COVID UPDATE 16th SEPTEMBER 2020 - our supported contact centres have started to reopen to existing families.  Families on our waiting list will be contacted as soon as we have a confirmed space.

The centres will be running at a much reduced capacity and we'll have additional safety measures in place to ensure all families and staff are safe.  Unfortunately this does mean that the wait to get into our centres will be longer.  We are able to accept new referrals but please do bear in mind that you may need to wait some time.

Our new supervised centre in Lincoln is now accepting referrals too.

We have 5 supported contact centres based in Gainsborough, Grantham, Lincoln, Skegness and Spalding and 1 supervised contact centre in Lincoln.

Supported child contact centres are suitable for families where no significant risk to the child has been identified but the parents no longer wish to see each other and cannot agree on other arrangements. The contact centre is intended to be a temporary measure to help build confidence and help the family move forward. 

They are run by dedicated teams of staff and volunteers who are impartial and see the children as the most important people in the centre. All our centres have a range of age appropriate toys, games and activities* and we aim to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere.  * Unfortunately we are currently unable to provide toys, games and activities at our centres due to COVID restrictions.

Supervised child contact centres are suitable for families where there may be a risk to the child, where a professional requires a report to determine future arrangements or where contact needs to be observed to ensure a parent can take care of the child's need.  A trained supervisor will observe the contact and provide a contact record/report where specified.  As with our supported centres, staff remain impartial and are child focused.  

Our centres are accredited by the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC) and are independent from the courts, social services or any statutory agency.

To receive a referral pack or for further information Contact us.

In their own words

"I volunteer at the Contact Centre because of the smiles I see on the children's faces"

Rachel - A volunteer at a Contact Centre.