The Lincolnshire Women's Third Sector Leadership (WTSL) Network is generously funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and hosted by Children's Links. With the allocated funding, our initiative will provide comprehensive support over a period of three years (commencing in August 2022). The objective of the WTSL Network is to cultivate a nurturing environment wherein women from third sector organizations can fortify their leadership capacity and resilience.

Our Network warmly welcomes experienced women leaders currently in leadership positions within Lincolnshire, as well as emerging leaders and women exhibiting leadership potential, who can benefit from encouragement and mentorship offered by established members.

Currently, membership to the WTSL Network is free, and we do not impose any limitations on the number of members. Since membership is granted on an individual basis, there are no restrictions on the participation of multiple women from a single organization. However, access to the Network is exclusively extended to women affiliated with third sector organizations in Lincolnshire.

Please contact us for additional information about the Lincolnshire WTSL, or for details about upcoming events.