Working with children and families to ensure services meet their needs.

All children should have access to the right services and support that they need. This is often hard for children with disabilities and their families. We work with them to ensure that our services are inclusive and they are supported to take part in activities.

For many children activities can be made inclusive just by changing attitudes and approaches or providing additional support. However if specialist equipment or knowledge is needed then we  work with families and partners to provide this.

We have delivered play schemes for children with the most complex needs. Working closely with all partners to ensure that these children have the chance to play and have fun in an environment that meets their needs.

Our Toy Library play area can cater for children with a range of needs and we have a wide variety of sensory toys available for hire. We work hard with parents to ensure that we are able to meet their child’s needs.

We aim to make all our childcare settings as inclusive as possible XXXX HELEN