We could not achieve what we do without the help of our corporate sponsorship and supporters.  Everyone's contribution is valued and appreciated but we would like to give special mention to some of our supporters.

James is one of our 'Take a Tin'  volunteers.

In his own words

"I have enjoyed taking the collection tins out to local businesses and they are always pleased to hear how much money they have raised for this great charity"

Paul helps out on an adhoc basis.

In his own words

"I like to be able to give something back to people in the community. I don't have much time due to working. I enjoy helping out at events, meeting the team and raising money!"

E. A Dring Ltd, Lincolnshire

Supported our first charity golf day in September - Thank you for you sponsorship of £50. 

Did You Know? ...

£50 enables us to provide a hot lunch for one child for a whole month. This may be the only meal that child has all day.

These are some of our supporters, could you do something amazing today and volunteer, fundraise or donate

If you have any spare time or are looking to enhance your CV and skills, join us in our mission to reach families that need our support the most.