Why do children need to play? 

Everyone needs to play – it is an essential part of growing up.  Play lets children move naturally through each stage of their development. Babies need people and real physical experiences in order to develop. It is how they learn about themselves and begin to understand the world around them and they will use all their senses to do it.  Children play for joy, and just like adults, playing makes them feel good about themselves.

Play ...

  • Promotes children’s development, learning, creativity and independence.
  • Keeps children healthy and active.
  • Encourages thinking and problem solving skills
  • Helps children to work out the differences between people, helps develops social skills, learn how to make friends and try out different and new ways of doing things.
  • Is a safe way for children to explore the world and try on new roles.
  • Helps them explore feelings such as being sad or hurt or angry and teaches them how to come to terms with difficult circumstances.
  • Is about HAVING FUN!

What can we offer?

Children's Links have an experienced team of playworkers who can deliver a variety of services such as Play Rangers (outdoor play sessions in your community), Early Years Outreach (fun sessions for under 5s) and a Mobile Toy Library.  We can deliver one off events or regular sessions.

Our team will work with community members and partners to deliver a successful project.  Play is often used as a way of bringing communities together, combatting anti-social behaviour, breaking down barriers to play and encouraging activity.

To find out more about our services, see where we are playing near you or to discuss a potential project please email [email protected].